Yatin Is Setting New Trend For People With Ubiqart

A jungle belongs to all, but everyone has to work hard to survive. The same goes for the business. One has to become a wolf to survive and not be a rabbit, says Yatin Jethi, CEO, Ubiqart.

My entrepreneurial journey began way back in 2007. After completing my BTech in computer science, I went to Australia for my master’s in 2006.
There I realized that my dreams are too big to be fulfilled in a job. I came back to India in 2007.

During this time around, we went to the hospital to visit our relatives. To my surprise, I found that the linen used there was in a pathetic condition. The fabric was of very cheap quality. Healthcare apparel requires a fabric that is comfortable and suitable to use.

However, the fabric I saw was the total opposite of it. From here, the idea to manufacture healthcare apparel emerged, and I started my company, Ubiqart linen. I was young and naïve.

I did not know anything about the fabric of cut-sheets, the range of auto-claves, and many more things. However, I learned everything in the process. We started earning profit from the very first year of founding the company.

In Ubiqart linen, people did not know me. I wanted to make a brand. So, in 2017, I decided to start another company with two of my friends. We did research, analyzed the market, observed the trend, and came up with a conclusion to sell designer socks.

I saw the potential in it. We had travelled around the world and seen people wearing designer socks and flaunting them out. On opposite to this, in India, socks had become the most neglected thing in the wardrobe. I wanted to give something unique to people.

Since we were the first to start manufacturing designer socks in India, we did not have the luxury to get the supply on our door. We had to do a lot of jugaad to get machines for manufacturing designer socks. It was a challenge to find suitable yarn for the socks. The yarn was not available in the market. I had to go to factories, order the specific yarn we needed, and do the anti-bacterial finishing.

In 2018, things did not go well between the other two co-founders and me. So we got separated. I had to start everything from scratch, and I named my company Ubiqart. My area of expertise was in production only. I did not know anything about the website, digital marketing, and graphic designing, etc.

The team I hired for handling the website, and online marketing could not get any good results to my disdain. So I learned things by myself. I did various digital marketing courses, ran low-budget ads on Facebook, and so on. Today I design graphics for my website and run online campaigns for my products.

After my company, 10-12 other companies came into the same business, and their efforts to copy us were of no use. Our designs are unique, and that’s what separates us from all the companies in the same market. In addition to that, we never compromise on the quality of our products.

We received a lot of orders for PPE kits and other stuff during the lockdown, but we did not accept them. The reason being we did not have the fabric of approved quality with us.

My company name resonates with my purpose. Ubiqart is a Greek word that means ‘unique art’. We do not have thousands of designs, but the ones we have are unique and selective. Our latest edition is Royal Highness that represents royalty. Being a big fan of Elon Musk, I brought Elon Musk Edition socks featuring Tesla cars, Space x, and his mission to Mars. Today, people buy our socks, gift them to their loved ones, and share their pictures of wearing those socks with us.

Initially, my socks were available on the online platform, but I wanted them to be reachable to all. So, in December 2020, I pitched it in the offline market. Within 5-6 days, we got 10-15 sale counters. I do not want to limit the sale to online mediums only. I am trying to make designer socks accessible to all. The price of our socks is not too high.

I like to keep innovating things, have creative designs, and give something special to people of all strata. My passion for innovating things encourages me to keep experimenting with things. I am a very optimistic person. Even if I have a one per cent probability of something, I take the chance because it depends on how I convert that one per cent into a hundred per cent.

Initially, nobody believed in my vision, thinking about who will buy the socks. One was that day, and it is today when celebrities are also wearing my brand’s socks. I believed in myself and did not care about what will people say and think.

The courier service people had the same reaction when we were opening our COD with them. They could not imagine people shopping for socks, and they were surprised when they saw us receiving orders. People were buying the full-full edition of our socks.

I had the thirst to do business, and that’s why I was able to do it. As Elon Musk once said, “when something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour”.

Without having any prior experience, I started Ubiqart linen, tried my best, and I succeeded in it. I liked the global market for socks, and I started manufacturing them. I wanted to do business, I did it, and I will keep doing it until I make Ubiqart a global brand.

What an inspiring journey it was! Yatin had a pure Dhandho Ni Soch. In today’s world of hashtags and trending things, Yatin has provided another enticing thing for people to flaunt on.

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