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Featuring our finest range of luxury and hand – finished  socks

Great Socks are the First Step to Effortless Style

The Ubiqart Socks Company was built on a belief that good Socks can inspire Confidence.

At Ubiqart, We believe that pulling on a great pair of Socks In The morning has the power to transform not just your Style, but the State of your Mind.

Ubiqart, it was founded in 2018 by a father-son duo Mr M.L Jethi and Mr Yatin Jethi, this father-son duo have created and funded various other start-ups. Yatin Jethi, the CEO of Ubiqart is not just passionate about the designs and production but he takes utmost care of the quality of his products, Mr Yatin Jethi, assures his customers the highest quality and the latest style. Ubiqart comes from two words, it’s an amalgamation of ‘Unique’ and ‘Art’, which basically forms the central theme of the socks, “It’s believable and also true that we have everything so fashionable right from the tie one wears to the shoes one jumps in everyday, then why the socks market goes with the same dull pattern?” says the founder of the company, with this basic and simple idea of producing unique socks, Ubiqart was born and since then there was no looking back!